Moulds feels Blues better placed for 2019

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Wednesday, January 23, 2019    Lynn McConnell    Getty Images

Moulds said 2019 was a year he had been targeting. He has been doing a lot of work with the Blues trainers and he is excited about the season ahead.


More positivity within the squad was not a surprise, he said, after Auckland having won the Mitre 10 Cup and Northland having reached the semifinals of the Championship division.

"The new coaches are bringing a lot of detail with what they're doing and it seems that everyone is definitely in a good mindset," he said.

That detail was very specific, including position specific, whether in lineouts, set-pieces or anywhere, it was all nailed down and he was enjoying that.

"It is exciting and I think it really excites the other boys to really get into it and learn it. I think it brings everyone's standards up higher as well," he said.

Moulds said every year they had been excited at the start of the season from they way they looked on paper but he felt this time around not only would they look good on paper, he was sure they would look better on the field.

One area of interest for the side will be the benefit of having so much experience up front. Moulds said even without the All Blacks, Ofa Tu'ungafasi and Karl Tu'inukuafe returning, the props who were in the squad were already going well and he was looking forward to being a hooker in between them.

"If you look at how teams perform on the back of a good scrum performance it not only lifts your forwards' morale but the whole team's morale and everyone gets up with a fair bit of energy," he said.

And being determined to contribute to the effort made it easier to get up quicker off the ground when knocked over.

Consistency was an important word in what the team was trying to achieve. They had been good in patches in the past but being more consistent was necessary.
Having been through lower times both with the Blues and Northland, Moulds said it had been good to enjoy more success, especially with Northland making the semifinals in the last two years.

"Looking forward with the Northland team as well, they want to get up into the top division and do what North Harbour did and stay up there," he said.

One of the factors in Northland's success had been the play of import Jack Debreczeni at first five-eighths.

"He's built like a lock and we weren't sure whether he was going to play at first-five but his skill set is really awesome and with the likes of Rene Ranger outside him and those two work pretty well in tandem.

"And they are really good for our young guys coming up, the likes of Scott Gregory who is in with the sevens now. He just grew throughout the season and everyone else did as well, Tamati Tua and all those young boys coming through, so it's exciting and we've got him again by the looks of things so it's all positive stuff for Northland," he said.

The benefit of having the rest of the Northland side playing well is that it allowed Moulds to concentrate more on his own game and if trying to lead a team it made a big difference if his own form was going well. And if the same happens with the Blues then better times are ahead.